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Connecting TP Archer VR1600v modem in upstairs

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Hi Team,


Greetings. I am using TPG FTTB service at my home where my primary modem is TP-Link AX5400 Hybrid Wi-Fi6. This modem is connected to a data port in downstairs using a DSL cable. As the coverage from this modem is not good in upstairs, I was trying to connect an old TPG provided TP Archer VR1600v modem in upstairs data port using another DSL cable. As soon as I connect this secondary modem, my primary modem service is getting interrupted and the secondary modem doesn't work at all.


I have checked other community ports where people are talking about disabling DHCP server and changing IP settings. As a non-tech-savvy person, I have no idea how to configure my secondary modem in website to use it a wireless modem for upstairs coverge. Please walk me through the steps to setup my secondary modem.


Thanks in advance. 




Hi @rajithanga


The setup you are trying to do will not work.

You can only use one main modem/router to connect to the DSL/Phone port.


If you want to use another device to extend or boost your WiFi network, then you need to configure the old modem/router as an access point, but it needs to be connected via Ethernet cable to the main modem/router. 

With this, you may need a long Ethernet cable. You may also consider getting a Mesh network or an Extender.


Check these threads for the idea.

Let us know how it goes.