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Archer vr1600v as access point

Km Level 1c
Level 1c
Hi, I am trying to set up the tpg modem as an access point to expand WiFi coverage. My main netgear modem router ip is and it is the dhcp server, I don't want to use the archer here as the netgear is better unit for downstairs coverage and speed. I disabled dhcp on the archer and set it's up in the dhcp range of the netgear unit, connected via lan to lan. The netgear sees the archer, gives it the resreved ip and i can log into the archer at its ip through the netgear network.
Problem is the archer insists it is not connected to the internet and when I use it's WiFi I can't access internet. I am suspecting it is locked to be the vdsl connected device and doesn't want to be an access point. Can you please confirm if this is the case else advise any particular setting that needs to change?

Hi @Km ,


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Please post a screen shot of the current setup of the Archer vr1600v. On the other hand you once you setup your netgear modem/router.


On the other hand, you may try this.


Under 'Advanced' tab go to 'Network' tab under Network tab go to 'EWAN' page.

You need to disable the VLAN ID (Uncheck) then set the Internet connection type to Dynamic IP and click on 'Save'


Let us know how it will go. Cheers!

Km Level 1c
Level 1c

Hi, thanks for your assistance, thos settings didn't help, see screenshots attached


Hi @Km,


Thanks for providing the screenshots.


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We'd like to look into it and check the type of NBN technology you have.





Hi @Km


Thanks for sending us a PM with your username and additional screenshots. However, making adjustments on the DSL settings isn't the right way to go. It should be the EWAN settings that you need to tweak as explained by Shane previously. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in your first post, you mentioned that you connected the devices LAN to LAN. Can you try and use the  WAN port of the TP-Link instead going to a LAN port of the Netgear?



Km Level 1c
Level 1c


I agree chaninging the dsl setting should help, but ath tis what I was being told to fo through various private messages.  It does seem to me that the archer does not want to be an access point and keeps looking for an internet connection


I have changed the cable to the WAN and it made no difference except now i couldn't log onto it through my normal home network anymore.


On any other router, we just disable DHCP and set the access point IP to something different to the main modem/router and connect LAN to LAN.  Why isnt it that simple wit htis modem?

Please advise the DSL and EwAN settings to make this an access point


Hi @Km 

If you will use Netgear LAN to VR1600 WAN. 

You should enable the DHCP of the VR1600


Now the easiest way to set this up is to use Netgear LAN to VR1600 LAN and use the settings below

Go to Advace > Network > LAN Settigns

Change the IP address to something under the subnet of your netgear.

I suggest  and then disable the DHCP