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Connection Keeps Dropping Out and Reconnecting - New Install

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Hi Guys.


I have had a response from Helpdesk 'escalated ticket number is  9220123', and they've been updating me by SMS. The latest phone contact today the fellow said 'maybe' I've got too many phone outlets, and I think someone may be coming to check.


I thought I'd start a thread here in case there's other knowledge available from people, and my hearing on the phone is not so good - I usually get by but also mishear things.


New to TPG and I got the modem 14/2 and connected ok, wire and wireless. But connection keeps dropping out and reconnecting, DSL (blinks) and Internet lights go out. I have cleaned all connections and reseated them, rebooted and reset the modem a few times but no real change, keeps dropping out. Only the supplied moden is plugged into the phone line, but there's another 5/6 outlets in this old house. I have used this same line for over 5 years on ADSL with ClubTelco with no persistent issues.


The connection has been dropping out and reconnecting since I got connected last Thursday 14/2. Every day I can log numerous drop outs using the free version of Net Uptime Monitor - so numbers are from only when I'm actually at the computer, averaging at least one drop out an hour (from 5 sec to 50 min duration).


I am on NBN50 and speed at first was good but has since dropped below 30Mbps at times, on wire. I can get that speed from my neighbour's WiFi, about 10m away, we are on the same block.


I will update this thread as new information is available.


Any help is appreciated.


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Hi @Shane 


After due consideration I accept TPG can't or won't do anything else for now and I'll just have to live with a crippled connection, for now. The drop outs continue ... without knowing why, maybe internal wiring since that seems to be the primary cause of issues with FTTN, but TPG engineering won't comment or advise what to do now.


If the ALP take power this election there is a possibility of a fix down the track, but I won't hold my breath. From here - - "Labor would also provide up to $125 million of funding to NBN Co to remedy interference issues with the fibre-to-the-node elements of the network caused by the internal wiring within premises."


If the ALP do get in I will probably get back on here to find out if anything has changed, re article above. The ALP also intend to mandate a Customer Service Guarantee, which I believe I had to relinquish any right to in order to sign with TPG.


If anyone reading this wants to see other responses to the issue of drop outs on FTTN from other users have a look here -



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Hi @markberk1


Welcome to the Community! 


We appreciate you taking the time to post here. I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and based on the recent update from the escalated ticket, they are doing further investigation as NBN have found no fault on the line. 


As advised by our Engineers, please leave the modem connected and turned on for testing purposes. They will be in touch as soon as a new update becomes available.


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know or may simply reply to the SMS sent to you from our Engineering Team. 





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I heard back today and Tech will visit Monday to check again.


My neighbour has been away, we are on the same block but separate houses, and he is having the same issues - slower than expected speeds and random drop outs, just not as slow as my connection or dropping out as often or for as long. Given we have separate wiring maybe the problem begins outside the house/s, and isn't (just) my multiple outlets.


I also got two emails from different TPG dept's about my slow speeds with options, but no mention of drop outs. Anyway, I might just take up the offer of a refund. We'll see what Tech says Monday.


Good day, @markberk1


Based on the recent update of the escalated fault, the NBN technician has repaired what we call roof/multiple wiring inside your premises. 


Furthermore, I can see that the connection has now been stable for almost 2 hrs after the technician left. 


Kindly monitor the connection whether you will still experience drop outs, and if so, please do let us know so we can inform our Engineering Team. 




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NBN Tech came and bypassed the house/phone wiring and speed has been consistent at low to mid 40's (Mbps). So that's good.


Soon after NBN left there was one drop out and I've been monitoring it since. There was only one drop out for the 4 hours before he got here too, that I observed. So the jury's still out on the drop outs.


I'll keep monitoring it for a few days and update this thread either way.


It's now running at almost 5hrs, fingers crossed that the connection will go smoothly as it intend to be.


We're just a message away for any assistance required, @markberk1



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Hello again Ahra_G


Since NBN Tech came yesterday afternoon speed has been good at between low and mid 40's (Mbps). There has been a few very short drop outs, that I noticed and didn't think mattered much.


Then this evening more drop outs of longer duration in a short period of time, see below for three of them (2.59, 3.34 and 11.05 minutes). Then a fourth lasting 7 minutes before I rebooted the modem, which took another 15 (or so) minutes.


Using Net Uptime Monitor ...


26/02/2019 6:46:34 PM Log Start
Failure Start Length
26/02/2019 6:54:22 PM 0:02:59
26/02/2019 6:59:02 PM 0:03:34
26/02/2019 7:07:29 PM 0:11:05


26/02/2019 7:20:15 PM Log Start
Failure Start Length
26/02/2019 7:20:18 PM 0:23:54

So it looks like the drop out issue is ongoing at this stage, and I'll keep monitoring it as I can.


Given the drop outs appear to be ongoing, what's happens next?


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More drop outs today ... there were more but this many is already sign there is something wrong somewhere.


So what's going on guys?


Net Uptime Monitor Failure Log (


27/02/2019 1:19:39 PM Log Start
Failure Start Length
27/02/2019 1:47:21 PM 0:00:29

Failure Start Length
27/02/2019 7:20:14 PM 0:04:36

Failure Start Length
27/02/2019 8:59:21 PM 0:03:46

Failure Start Length
27/02/2019 10:34:08 PM 0:04:00

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Also, again tonight speed has slowed down from low to mid 40's to low to mid 30's while wired to the modem.


At the same time I can get low to mid 40's on wifi from my neighbour 15 metres away and through a brick wall.


And my wired connection has just dropped out again while I type this.


Hi @markberk1,


Thanks for sending additional details about this issue. We'll pass this on to our Team for reference. Based on the latest update on the escalated ticket our Engineering Team attempted to call you to provide details of the case progress.


Let us know your best contact time today and we'll have them call you again.