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Constant Drop Outs ADSL2

Level 2

From the time I moved to the current month
My network always breaks
Then connect to the Internet again
Then disconnected

One month I wrote an email and called a community Ask
The answer is that we try hard to help our test is no problem

But the reality is that my network is still disconnected and the disconnection problem has become more serious after I have been writing letters.
Is it because I leave a message in the community or I call customer service to ask? So my network will be disconnected?

I can imagine that before I installed it, I paid for it. I was still disconnected and I waited for help. I still paid for it.

But the help I got was not


Good day @yafei253699,


We don't do such thing to our customers intentionally. We always aim to resolve the issues that was raised to us. We'd like to look into your account to understand the situation. We were unable to locate an account using your Community details.


Please shoot me a private message of your TPG username or CID number.


Kind regards,