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Constant Dropouts ADSL2+

Zak Level 1c
Level 1c

Hi, my connection for the past few weeks has been constantly dropping out. It will drop out for periods of about 1-5 minutes. Sometimes it's so constant I haven't been able to use my internet for over 30 minutes. We have had a similar problem in the past, and a technician came out and fixed the problem (which is unknown to me). Speeds also have degraded recently. My router is an DSL-2885A with up-to-date firmware. I have attached an image with some DSL info. Thanks.


Hi @Zak,

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We would like to check what can be done to resolve this issue and we have searched the account using your community details, but was unable to locate one.


Please send us a private message with your customer ID or username so we can check the status of the connection.


We'll wait for your response.