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Continuously slow nbn 100

Level 2

Hi team for several weeks now, the nbn speed has been 30-33 no matter what time of day. Did I follow suggest text procedure...absolutely. I used to get 80 - 96 constantly on both wireless configurations... I removed every day device but still no difference. I powered down  the modem and power up.....seriously the modem took 20 minutes before it could be used again....powered down router difference .... TPG ..I am far from happy and this poor quality product need to be addressed. I live 60 meters from the FTTC pit or 150 metres because of cable length. Several weeks ago the modem failed and it was replaced by nbn....not working well since


Hi @cazandco


We've tested the line and can confirm that your modem/router is getting a low connection speed from the server.

Already tried to reset the connection, but you are still getting the low speed.


This has been raised to our Engineering team for further investigation and updates will be provided within 24 to 48 hours.