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Costant connection dropouts: A Graph of all my connection dropouts over last 2 weeks.

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Hi again,

I previously posted here about constant drop outs I was receiving and posted here because I was experiencing a dropout that was rather lenthy (over 6 hous from memory). Part of the support action was to power cycle the modem which I did to no effect. It was then stated if it continues to try a factory reset. I monitored my connection from 01-May-2020 to 09-May-2020 after the power cycle. I noticed still plenty of drop outs. I then performed a factory reset of the modem, and also monitored the connection with still plenty of drop outs, and the largest being 12866 seconds (which approx 214 minutes or 3.57 hours).

I have attached graphs of both the outages with the date/time along the X axis and the outage in seconds along the Y axis.

I would hope you agree this is pretty poor from a connectivity perspective and there has been no change in this. I would appreciate some support is trying to resolve this issue.


Hello MisterG,
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Thanks for the response. That has been done.

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Just wanted to provide a quick follow up on this. The work that has been performed on my connection/line has significantly improved the connection. I have provided comparitive graphs that show the outages prior to the work and outages after the work was done. There are still a few outages but these are quite small and are relatively few which has been great.


Just wanted to say thanks and would love to know what the changes were that were made, just out of curioristy.


Thanks again.