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DNS issues resolving IP Addresses

Level 2

There seems to be an issue in the last few weeks where the DNS assigned by TPG isnt resolving IP addreses.  For example I can load without an issue, but when I go to a specific govt dept website ( it says "cant find that IP address".  There are more examples than this but lets no go into too much detail. 

I changed the DNS setting on my deskop network card to a google DNS and it works fine now, Other users on our home network are having similar issues and, like me, they just chganged the DNS value on their network cards.  However my phone via the wireless still has issues resolving IP addresses.  And I cant easliy change the DNS on the phone. 


This has only been an issue for the last couple of weeks, and is VERY frutrating as I'm hosing my phone data while my NBN wireless is going begging.  Is there a new TPG DNS I should set my TPK modem/router to?

Level 10

Hi @lisalale . You can provide alternate DNS in the router. Go to Advanced/Network/LAN Settings. Set Primary DNS to Google's ip address. Set Secondary DNS to (TPG's primary DNS) and Save.

Change your computer's DNS back to standard.

In Status page, check that DNS settings have changed. If they haven't, try rebooting router.