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Download speed & Email question expanded

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My download speed has suddenly changed from 46/47 Mbs average (NBN50) to 21/22 Mbs (currently testing around midday). No changes to hardware, software or modem connections since NBN installed and it has always been totally consistent at 46/47 Mbs day and night from when I upgraded to NBN50.


It seems more than a coincidence that my download speed has suddenly dropped and I cannot send emails (question posted earlier) from my email client (Outlook Express) since 1st January.


I should have put into my question about emails the error message I received.

"Your email message was unable to be sent because your mail server rejected the message".

I also receive a Norton Message

554 5.7.1 [TPG - S02][00438x2N022245] Message rejected as it appears to be spam. Contact your Post Master Team.

This is on all emails I try to send right now - since 1st January and identical to the errors back in July last year. There must be the same, or similar, problem on your mail server as in July, which you fixed and all was well again.




Hi @fneill1503,


We understand that the email issue has been fixed after you contacted our Tech team yesterday.


Are you still experiencing issues with the speed of your NBN connection? Did you test the speed via Wireless or Wired connection?


Does it occur on Midday only or at random time?