Drop outs

Level 3
Why does my WiFi keep dropping out? The modem was replaced in the last 12 months with a brand new second hand one. Can I get a new modem sent out please?

Hi @rigby75


I've ran a remote test on your service and can confirm that the your service or modem is connected since Nov 2021. This would mean that the line is stable. 


Rebooting the modem is one of the basic troubleshooting for most internet problems. Modems are like any other electronic devices, it is not built to be running at all times. One of the reasons why we advise this is that when you leave your modem on for too long, it will tend to stop performing at its best.


We can agree to that however just like a desktop, routers/modems also have their own cpu, memory, main board and even operating system all of which that helps in managing data traffic.


These components of the equipment can also get overloaded hence the requirement to sometimes perform a reboot. 


Should the issue persist, let us know so we can have our Technical team to contact and perform troubleshooting along with you.