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Level 2

My business email is not working.  it is rejecting mail from current active clients.  its excessively slow.  I am on Imap.  What do I do

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Hi @BD1 . You might be having the same problem as me; mail not being sent.


I sent this to postmaster:

Mail server slow to respondMail server is taking too long to respond when sending mail using mail client (SMTP). Happens with Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail.
There are threads in Community today at 11:52 am, 3:39 pm, 4:11 pm, 8:01 pm.
Looks like it accepts emails only one every 5 minutes. After waiting 5 minutes, a test mail is sent within 2 seconds.
At the SMTP level, client connects to mail server, receives 220 response, sends HELO command, gets the TCPIP ACK response, but not the 250 server response. Client times out after one minute.


And received this:

Our system engineers are now looking into this matter.
We will get back to you once we have an update from them.