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Email Outage AGAIN???

Level 3
Omg, seriously TPG, ANOTHER email outage, this is beyond a joke, I think it's time I start looking for another Internet provider, surely you need to have a backup in place by now 😠
Level 2

Know your pain - no postoffice from 4:30 Wed till late Saturday! Got in Sunday night.

Now no postoffice access for most of morning (in NSW but how wide) - got it for 5 mins and gone again - with either 


"Server Error: cannot read - connection closed?"


"504 Gateway Time-out"


Now back up but for how long? :-(


Hi @longterm-client, we'd like to know if you are still having issues with the service. Feel free to message us should you need any assistance. Thank you.

Level 2

Mail working OK for now, but I am not sure for how long given problems have been occurring every 4-6 weeks from Feb 2019. Fingers crossed and hope senior management allocated enough resources to stop such a critical outage in the future.


This issue and your feedback has been taken very seriously by our business. We understand and apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused by this issue, @longterm-client. Let us know should you need any assistance. Thank you.

Level 2
Well I am confused yet another outage and I can't even find it mentioned here. It's great it goes out on 20/09/19 and I get a text it's working now ring if you have a problem. WHY do we have to tell you your system is down again. WHY can't you fix it so it stays up. I have take to TV Media not social media. I personally have advised both major networks channel 7 and 9. I have requested they follow this up as the email service and customer service is appalling. I am looking at drafting a letter to the ombudsmen as TPG are taking money for a service they are not supplying. Other than a very poor apology and no guarantee that it won t happen again, no reimbursement, nothing else has happened. I have also considered if there is a case to be answered to consumer affairs/fair trading as, as mentioned money is being accepted by TPG and it is only offering a poor service.

Hi @Chubby,


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


The email issue had been fixed by our System administrators last Saturday night.


May we know the exact issue that you are experiencing? Are you unable to login via Post Office or via Email client?


Have you tried changing the password of your Email account, then try to login again?