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Emails not being received

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When we're trying to sign up to web sites etc we're not receving the emails that contain the account activation links, most recently today 30 Dec 20 from  We've looked through our email settings, but can't see anything that would cause this.


Hi @jtmorri ,


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We'd love to help and get to the bottom of this, we'd like to confrim if you're using TPG's post office or an Email client. 


To better understand the situation, please shoot me a private message with the following details.


Username/Customer ID:

Complete adderss:

Affected E-mail address:

Subject Line of the missing Email:
E-mail address of the sender:


How do I private message (PM) in the community 





Level 2

My friends and business partners i send emails to cannot reply my email whenever they try to. WHEN i send, they receive, but when they click the reply button, it show them that the meassage was sent but it does not get to my mail box except they have to copy out my email address,paste on the "TO" field and send before it can deliver to my mailbox.


What could be the issue? I will appreciate a quick response to my email to rectify this issue as soon as possible.


Hi @drmohdrud


If you are able to receive the email once they past your email address in the 'TO' bar, then there's no problem within your Email account.

Your friends and business partners may need to check their Email client or Email application/software.


If you have an alternate email address (Not TPG), then you may try to send a test mail from the address that's in question and check if you can reply to it.


Let us know how it goes.