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Entire Street and ALL houses connected in entire suburb.. except me?! Showing as not available..

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I pre-ordered NBN with TPG at my premises 12 months ago as NBN was becoming availble in my area. Throughout that time I kept getting delay notifications, however it appears in the meantime that my entire suburb, my neighbours (next door to me) and my entire street is connected to the NBN.. in fact I can see the cable overhead going to  houses in my entire street... except my house. Makes no sense..


I looked again at the NBN website and my address has been delayed to June 2020, which I can't understand.


My house is not a unit, there is no sub-division, its a single story extremely easy house to connect.. been around for 20-30 years with no significant strucutral change.


I contacted NBN... they said they would respond in 5 days, and it's now been 8 days and nothing.


I'm at the point of cancelling my NBN pre-order with TPG (not a fault of TPG of course.. well I don't believe it is...??) and moving to a wireless provider and avoiding NBN/TPG all-together.


Can someone from TPG help me urgently? Otherwise I'll be left with no option but to go with a wireless provider that can provide me decent speeds.




NOTE: attached is NBN map of my general area.. ALL "purple" which means NBN available. If I were to zoom into my house... it's purple too.. yet not ready when all houses in my street are connected. 


Hi @ducant,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We tried to locate your account using your community details to no avail.


Do you have a TPG account? If yes, please shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number along with your home address. We'd like to look into it to understand the situation of your NBN pre-order.


How to send a PM? Click here.


Kind regards,


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Thank you, I have just sent you a PM with my TPG details. 


Thank you for providing your account details via PM, @ducant.


We've gone ahead and checked with NBN Co. and we were informed that more work is required in your address before the technology becomes available for you.


It is possible that the infrastructure that was initially laid out by NBN Co. cannot accommodate all of the remaining house in the area.


We understand that you've already pre-ordered the technology and will process the order as soon as we received a Go signal from our wholesale provider.


We apologise for the inconvenience.


You may also check the NBN Co's address checker for more information.


Kind regards,