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Extremely Slow adsl2+ UPLOAD speeds

Level 1c

Just relocated from Lane Cove NSW to Indooroopilly QLD last month, and continue using TPG internet.

Problem chronology:

- 12Feb am: 0-0.01 kbps upload speed. D/L was normal.

- 14 Feb am: u/l & d/l back to normal

- 15 Feb am: TPG field engineer came over, working on the MDF with cable jumper

- 20 Feb noon: 0kbps U/L speed

- 20feb 1:40pm: 0.18Mbps U/L

- 20feb 6:30pm: 0.5Mbps U/L

- 20feb 6:39: 0.0Mbps U/L

- 20feb 7pm - now: 0 U/L


Test speed using Huawei HG532d and TPlink archer VR600v2, connected via RJ45 to my pc, similar results.

Could you help please. Thank you.

Level 1c

sorry, typos.


- 21feb 1:40pm: 0.18Mbps U/L

- 21feb 6:30pm: 0.5Mbps U/L

- 21feb 6:39: 0.0Mbps U/L

- 21feb 7pm - now: 0 U/L


Thanks for the update @djsjukur. We'd like to have our Technical Team to contact you and conduct real time testing, this is for us to also view and understand the your connectivity issues as it happens. Let us know your preferred time and number and we'll be in touch. Thank you. 




Hi @djsjukur


I've since ran remote test on our end and have seen that the modem appears to be connected for more than 5days. Also, the line speed you're getting is within range based on your distance from the local exchange. 


I would recommend performing tests via wired connection and limit to one device only. 


As advised, you may also provide us with your most convenient time to receive a call so we can have our Technical Team to assist you. 



Thank you. 


Level 1c

hi Jhoey,

don't know the best time to contact since there's been inconsistency on when the sympton occurs.

FY record:

- 20 Feb pm: 0Mbps u/l speed

- 21 Feb 1:40pm: 0.14 Mbps u/l

-- 5pm: 0.4

-- 7pm: 0Mbps u/l

-- 12pm: 0.6Mbps u/l

- 22 Feb 10am: 0.17Mbps u/l

-- 10:20am: 0Mbps

-- 3:20pm: normal

-- 4pm: u/l error test

- 23 Feb am: 0.3-0.5Mbps u/l


now it seems normal. No idea when it will occur again, so i don't know the best time to call....

But if the instability on the copper connection persists, i think i should change to 4G/LTE broadband internet. 



Thanks for the confirmation, currently I am still seeing a good connection speed being received by your modem for both download and upload speed. We have not detected any copper issues on your line as of testing. 


If the issue usually occurs during afternoon to evening time, it is best to test the connection during peak period. Should you wish to proceed with the call back assistance, feel free to message us with your preferred time and number. Thank you.