Extremely slow ADSL2+

Level 1a

My ADSL has been pretty poor for a couple months now but today it is impossibly slow: I can only get about 1MB-2MB download speeds.


Speed test:



Nothing streaming (TVs turned off)... just trying to download a game content patch and download speed is approx 1.2MB and has been like that for hours.


(I'm only about 1km from the Toowong ADSL exchange)

Can you please look into this?


Hi cduwell82,


I'm sorry to hear that and I have checked on your connection on our end.

Your cable distance from the exchange is around 1.4 Km, your modem is receiving a download speed of 15197 Kbps - 16628 Kbps (you can view this by accessing the modem).


I ran the test on the line which made the connection drop twice, I saw something odd with the test but I don't see any physical effect on the connection, before that test the connection appears to be stable.


Are all your devices connected to the modem through wireless? It could be a wireless issue.


This next questions may or may not be related, but I want to cover all bases. Do you have a home phone? Does it have a dial tone? Are you able to make and receive calls properly on your TPG HP with ADSL2+?


Kind regards,
Joseph D

Level 1a

Hi Joseph

I replied via email but will also reply here. Here is the line status from my TPG supplied (and paid $99 for!) router:


Upstream line rate (kbit/s)1020
Downstream line rate (kbit/s)14890
Upstream maximum line rate (kbit/s)1224
Downstream maximum line rate (kbit/s)16512
Upstream noise safety coefficient(SNR) (dB) 12.7
Downstream noise safety coefficient(SNR) (dB) 6.1
Upstream interleave depth0
Downstream interleave depth0
Line standardADSL_2plus
Upstream line attenuation (dB)14.8
Downstream line attenuation (dB)28.5
Upstream output power (dBmV)12.1
Downstream output power (dBmV)0
Downstream CRC0
Upstream CRC0
Downstream FEC153
Upstream FEC0
Downstream HEC0
Upstream HEC0
Upstream Total Cells2051769
Downstream Total Cells30159408
Upstream Interleave Delay1
Downstream Interleave Delay8
Channel typeNone


I'm downloading a 30GB game (from Blizzard) that has been downloading at 1.49 MB/s. 1.5 MB/s = 12 Mbps. Have I got that right? Is 12 Mbps the best I will see for my line connection?


Hi @cduwell82,


ADSL2+ speed depends on the cable distance from your premises to the exchange. The sync rate (Downstream and Upstream) that your modem is receiving is within the range based on the cable distance which is 1.4 Km.

The computation of the data transfer of the file being downloaded through Blizzard server, which is 1.49 MB/s - 1.5 MB/s = 12 Mbps is correct. Now, even though you are getting a Downstream line rate of 14.8 Mbps there will be instances that it will not be attained since there are factors that affects it.

One of the factors is the capability of the game server to transfer data through the internet. We need to consider your computer or device connected to the network, which has some hardware and software which consumes bandwidth, also some background application which is running through those devices.