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FTTC NBN keeps dropping out

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I updated from ADSL2 to nbn FTTC about one week ago for my son to be able to get faster and more stable internet access to study online and do uni exams online. unfortunately from the second day after i set up the nbn connection, it has been on and off so many times a day. The DSL light has been on and off so often, especially on the second and third days. It's been ok for a few days, but tonight when my son was have a very important lesson online, it began to drop out again and again. I am worrying when my son does the final exam and it drops out, how can TPG compensate for that?


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Hi @melbpearls,


I recommend you have a read of the following community article and make sure your setup is correct.

If you still have issues after confirming your setup is correct please let us know.