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I pay $90 per month for the nbn100 package and my housemates and I used to all be able to do our thing no hassles with the connection. We could all be downloading, playing games or using stream services such as netflix without any issues but for some reason recently or the last few months or so whenever one of us is downloading it affects the whole house. Recently I was downloading and my housemate started having issues with his connection and it kept disrupting, now this has happened quite a bit so at first I thought it could have just been temporary issues due to servers or maintenance etc. When we originally signed on to tpg we were told this could happen during peak hours which is fine and expected but it rarely did happen unlike with telstra so we were happy with our change. But now it seems no matter what it seems to be strained, according to speed tests we are getting the speeds we were promised but thats about it just seems no one can download if others are using the internet so we all have to try work around it which can be frustrating, I know downloading can slow the speeds but not to the extent where people have issues doing their everyday thing like watching youtube or netflix. I am starting to think either the router has run its course or something isnt adding up because we never had these issues originally and it feels like this service I am paying for isn't as reliable as it used to be.


Hi @shannonb


There are indeed many factors that can affect the speed of your connection. This will also depend on the plan speed you are subscribed to. 


Let us have your TPG account details via PM so we can check your service and perform troubleshooting along woth you. 




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Things that may help if not tested yet:
- Universal fix: reboot the router/wifi
- Get another wifi AP from a friend to confirm if it is a WiFi problem rather than line/internet problem. If Wifi is the problem it may be like you say, router has issues, had fallen, or simply not coping with the amount of devices right now and may need another wifi AP if so.

- Try to login to router ( may be able to see login info in a label on the back of the device) to check if someone hacked the pwd and therefore is using up more WiFi bandwidth and also using your internet. In this case change wifi pwd and only give it to people in the house.

- Test download speeds by connecting one device at a time to see if one in particular is the problem (could even be a device with virus)