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Frequent dropouts on FTTN

Level 2
My NBN connection keeps dropping out frequently, approximately every half an hour. It then reconnects after a few seconds and is becoming very frustrating during gaming.
I won't be able to tolerate this any further. Please resolve this ASAP.

Hi @jollybaer 


Thanks for raising this with us.

We've tested the line and was not able to detect any fault within the NBN network.


The connection from the modem to the NBN server shows that it's been stable.

If you are using a WiFi connection, then the signal is being interfered. We've created some articles that will guide you on how to improve your home network.


Here are the links:

Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home

Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it?


Let us know how it goes.