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Frustrating dropouts since first connection

Level 3

It happened again.  I've only been connected to a NBN50 plan for one week, but it hasn't been a good experience yet.  It keeps dropping out for a couple of minutes which make it unusable for gaming. Using Archer VR1600v modem connected to PC via Ethernet.  NBN Co came around yesterday and said the line was OK and only capable of 30Mpbs in my area.  While it might be slow, the dropouts are still the problem.  Dropped out tonight and I have the modem log.  Perhaps TPG Support might be interested - ticket #9215774.


Hi @mickmccauley,


We were able to respond to your previous comment.


We understand that our Engineering team has been in touch and we can see that the service has been stable after being handled by our Engineering team.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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