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Good speed reads but poor performance

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I’d like to know who else has good speed tests but has poor performance? I pay for NBN100. Previous I was on cable Telstra and never had any issues. Now my TV and more importantly my Google Nest Security camera keep dropping offline because of poor WIFI. I’m literally going to throw TPG to the kerb if it’s to do with their proxy modems or something.

I’ve researched about changing channels of the modem etc but they’re set to auto.
If I can’t keep my security to my property 100% I’m going back to Telstra.
My Smart TV also keeps loading loading loading when my children are watching YouTube or Netflix.

If a TPG rep is on here I’d love to here an explanation. It’s ridiculous and frustrating.

Hi @bradbeck33


Welcome to TPG Community! 


Thank you for raising this concern to us. I've found your account using your Community details and ran remote tests. It appears that the problem is getting the result to show up on your devices. It's possible that the trouble you may be having could be WIFI-related if you're using a WIFI connection only. Compared to a wired connection, a wireless connection will always be slower, due to many environmental factors such as distance, Obstacles (walls, floors), electrical equipment (Cordless phones, microwaves may cause the wireless signal to degrade) and signal interference. 


You might consider changing the wifi channel of the modem and we can have one of our Technical specialists to assist you. Kindly let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so we can organise a contact to be made. 


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