Hacked Email???

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I am unsure if our email has been hacked or what the issue is? We received an email today as a reply from something that was sent in 2017. We also received 2 returned mail automatic messages for email addresses we have not used since about the same time period. We have checked the sent items on both phones and the web based version and there are no sent emails recently. I have logged in and changed our password. Is there any way you can check where these emails were sent from? Is there any other steps I should be taking other than changing our password? 


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We don't have any means to track if where the emails are coming from for the privacy of our customers.

Aside from changing your account password, we recommend to run an anti-virus and complete scan on your devices.




Hi Megan. If you have an email client, it might be able to display the internal commands of that email. It's rather complex but you might deduce extra info apart from what is shown in Post Office. Something might have happened at the originator's mail server to make it send this old email again. Since you know who sent the reply or where the other two were going to, you could enquire from those people or organisations.