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Have not been able to connect to internet all day today - No NBN outage reported

Level 3

Hi the internet connection has been quite slow since a few days ago and today there is no connectivity. 

I have restarted the modem, reset it a few times yet no signal.

I have checked the NBN coverage in my area - there is no outage reported. 

Cannot get through to your chats - please help my work is relying on the internet.

Level 3

Here is the image of the message I am getting since the morning on my mobile phoneScreenshot_20200403-142303_CaptivePortalLogin.jpg

Level 3

Hi will I be refunded this day's fees paid as I have not had any connection all day - no help either.


the message in the image is incorrect that I have a new modem... I dont.. 


Please get in touch to let me know how to fix the issue - I need to work from home