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Have not received wireless router

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Hello, I set up a new plan on the 20/1/22 and have still not recieved my wireless router. I got the NBN modem within a day but have no idea when the router is going to come. I have not had any updates via email or phone for the delivery of the router or if a technician is supposed to come and setup the NBN. I am chewing through my phone data as I study from home. If you can supply any information, That would be greatly apprecited.

Below are my details and the order

Username : xxxxxxx

Account Number : xxxxxxx

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 2.55.54 pm.png


Hi ,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I have edited your post to remove your account details. Looking on the attached image, your order is NBN BYO as to which you are to provide your own modem that is compatible with your NBN service. Whilst, we've sent you an NCD which is the NBN equipment that you will need to complete the service activation. As per the consignment number, this has been delivered on the 24th of Jan at Unit 12 33 Wells St Redfern NSW 2016. You will need to confirm if both NCD and modem are connected to progress the service activation by calling our Service Delivery Team at 1300023575 (Weekdays, Weekends & Public Holidays: 8am-8pm).


Let me know if you need further help.




Level 2
I see, thank you very much
That was an error on my part