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High levels of jitter 5g

Level 2
I have been on the 5g plan for the last few months and the last few days the latency of the internet has sky-rocketed. I am getting approx 250ms jitter times, and my download speeds on speed tests read like a sine wave. They are peaking at anywhere between 20-50mbps and dropping substantially lower before picking up again.

The average speed is all over the place. I have tried moving the modem to different parts of the house, close to windows etc and nothing is seeming to solve the jitter issue.

I have tried connecting via Ethernet and wireless, same issue.

My phone 5g (which is also powered by Vodafone) is not having any issues at all.

It is causing significant issues with work, (meetings and calls stuttering) and gaming same issues.

Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the Community @lfitt.


Since you've already performed basic troubleshooting.

Please try to factory reset the modem/router and see if it's going to resolve the issue.


If not, shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.