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Offered 5G home internet but only getting 4G

Level 2

I had TPG NBN for a few years and was contacted by them in Jan to say that they would like to offer me 5G wireless home internet as it is available where I live. I took them up on the offer and my NBN was cancelled. In the 2-3 months that I have had this service, I have received 5G connection approx 5 times (that I have noticed) for a total of about 30 seconds before it goes back to 4G.


I am not impressed that I was given a service that isn't actually available and paying for it in full. I have contacted technical support who tell me that there is works happening in my area on 5G. I made it clear that this is not a recent problem and I have never received the service I'm paying for. I know that moving back to NBN will require costs and technician visits so I don't really want to do that.


Could there be something wrong with the modem (provided by TPG - Sagemcom) limiting my access to 5G?  


Hi @sm88


5G Home Broadband speeds are not guaranteed and may vary due to various factors. This could mean that during periods of congestion some data traffic will receive less priority over other traffic on the network, and you may experience slower 5G Home Broadband speeds as a result.

We'd be happy to assist and have a tech specialist to perform troubleshooting along with you. Please PM us with your Account number or customer ID so we can locate your account. 




Level 15

Hi @sm88 . I'm wondering what the cost of switching back to NBN might be.  The NBN box should still be there. You will need a router. The one you had before 5G is probably still ok.

A technician visit should not be needed.

What type of NBN connection did you have before 5G and what plan speed?