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How to Check if your NBN service is part of a Planned Maintenance activity


TPG relies on the NBNCo’s infrastructure to deliver our NBN services. Like other infrastructures, they require maintenance and upgrades in order to support the millions of customers on the network. This activity is categorised as planned maintenance work and can sometimes affect the NBN service we deliver to you.


Most planned maintenance activities will be posted 10 days in advance, however in some cases NBNCo will perform emergency work on the day.


Before calling TPG, we recommend checking your address for an NBN planned work 


To check if your service is part of a planned maintenance activity click HERE




After opening the page, type in your full address and click “Check address”.


If your address is affected by planned maintenance, you will see the message below. Please take note of the start time of the planned maintenance. It will also show the number of hours the service may be interrupted.




If there are any future planned maintenance activities, they will be posted on the right side of the screen.  Clicking the + icon will reveal additional information related to the work.




Please note that not all planned maintenance activities will affect your service and the actual service interruptions may be shorter than what is posted in the change window by NBNCo.


Sometimes, due to issues beyond NBN's control such as bad weather or unforeseen technical and safety concerns, planned activities may not be able to take place on the days listed and are subject to change.

NBNCo may extend the activity or include a backup day in case they were unable to complete the activity.


If your service is not part of any planned maintenance and you are experiencing technical issues, please check our community article about troubleshooting HERE.

Level 2
These outages have been happening since the 5th July. I think some sort of compensation is due as we are not getting what we are paying for.

Hi @fkohek


While we will endeavour to make NBN Access services available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, NBN Access services are not fault free and we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, or the speed, performance or quality of the service.


There are many factors outside of our control that may affect NBN services, such as the performance of third party suppliers and equipment, force majeure events and your hardware and software configuration.


We reserve the right to perform maintenance work from time to time, which may temporarily interrupt your access to the service. Where possible, we will perform this work during non-peak times.


If you are still having issues with the service, please let us know so we can check further.


Level 2
Why is it these outages happen during work hours. We have 3 members working from home during enforced lockdown. We can't afford to have an outage that can take that many hours.
Level 2

Hey @shuwayhat @fkohek I think this incidence of TPG (and Ausgrid) trying to forcefully conduct rapair/maintence works that will affect our residential premises has constituted a breach to the latest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions announced by the Premier two days ago (Saturday), where it has been clearly stated that "all critical repairs, maintenance and cleaning" should come to a pause.


I have reported this unfortunate incident online to Crime Stoppers NSW ( and I would urge you to do the same so that we can bring proper attention to this lockdown restriction breach incident. Thank you!

Level 2
It is illegal under Australian consumer law to charge money for a product or service that is not fit for purpose.

Is "reserving your right" a legal term? Pretty sure your customers have rights here too.
If you can't provide a service, then you should offer an alternative.
Level 2
Why would you do maintenance and cut off internet services for 8 hours in the middle of a lockdown? We have 3 children home-schooling and 2 adults working from home… how is that going to work without internet for that day?

@kwakernaak I agree that doing maintenance which would result to loss of internet connection is definitely not something that any ISP should do especially in the middle of a lockdown.


While I am not sure of the exact nature of your loss of service, I am sure that our 3rd party provider NBN Co would not conduct repairs on a perfectly good network unless it is to immedietly address a damage that can cause more hours or bigger coverage in downtime.


If you are experiencing any particular issue with the service, please do let us know and we will be glad to provide immediate assistance.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 2
Everyday since the start of July. Getting really annoying

Hi @Alex4


Welcome to the Community!


Is there anything in particular that we can assist you with?

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number along with a brief message of your concern to assist you accordingly.