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How to close my tpg account

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my name is Jingliang Chen. I have been with tpg for 3 years. now I'd like to switch to using 4G mobile phone, so I want to close my tpg account which is going to expire 20 Apr 2018.

Please tell me what shall I do, as simple and quick as possible?


because I am not a English speaker, please reply me via email.

thank you !

(Only if you can talk to me in mandarin, please call me.)


Good day @jlchen1941,


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I've sent a private message with the instructions. Let us know should you require further assistance.


Refer to this link on How to private message



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Why is this replied to as a private message? I have a similiar question, seeing the answer may have helped me. Why do you make it so difficult for customers to access information relevant to cancelling?




We have received your post in a separate thread and replied to it.


Please check our response here:


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Hi there, apparently there is limited access to the solution to this question, and I agree, you're making it very difficult to close accounts. It's not always that we're angry with TPG, sometimes we're just moving into a share house that already has internet set up. Is there a chance that you could make this process more public? 


Hi @rosiemulray,

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Thank you for your feedback, the account cancellation procedure is not posted publicly as there are information that needs to be discussed by our Account Specialists with the account holder. This is also, for the security and privacy of the Account.

If you are considering to cancel your account please send us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with your best contact number and preferred time).


In case you need a reference:

How do I private message (PM) in the community