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How to get Xbox Live working on TP Link Routers

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Same issue here

Works fine on wifi but on hard wired it won’t work

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Any updates?

Hi @Clowndamage,


Our Network Engineers are still investigating this issue.


Will provide you with the updates once available.


Kind regards,


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FYI, Im having exact same issues.  I do alternate between 2 xboxs on my LAN.  WIFI appears to work fine.


Hi @DaveT,


Welcome to the community!


Does Xbox give you any error message? Can you send us screen shot of your TP-Link configuration setup?




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Here are the msgs on my wired xbox(fixed IP and in DMZ at time of photo, but same errors when everything auto as well) I don’t get these when on wifi. I’ve never had these msg before, they started with this archer vr1600v when I connected to the nbn this week.
I have xbox, dvr, amp, and ps3 on wired connection, usb drive connected with media. On wifi I have another xbox (never used at same time as home xbox), laptop and phones.
Is there any other info you need?
EDIT: this site won’t let me load pics from my iphone .jpeg format, ill have to repost pics from home.
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Confirming these are the messages I see
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I concur - That was the exact same error I am getting when plugged in via ethernet.


If you go back to @orbistat post on the previous page, and confirm that the when the ethernet is plugged in it is only negotiating at 100M not 1000M as it probably should.


Try unplugging the cable and then back into another port; does this clear the error on the xbox (temporarily as it did with myself).


I've honestly given up plugging it in via ethernet as there has been no traction from support to identify and rectify the issue.


Having previously given the xbox an address reservation both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of DHCP and turning on DMZ for this IP; I still recieved the error.


I would prefer it to be cabled, but just settled with WiFi.

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I currently have the issue but my speed is at 1000Mbps