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Huawei 659 firmware upgrade

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Is it possible to get the firware updated on my HG659 router?


Dev ID: 00E0FC-J3N8W17830903590


current version: V100R001C216B013


I am getting errors working with Home Assistant automation software and am hopeful firmware upgrade will fix it.




Hi @tallmantim,


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As per checking, your modem has the latest firmware for TPG FTTB service. Have you tried calling the Home Assistant Automation Software manufacturer?


We believe they can best help you with this concern as we are not detecting any issues with your service at the moment.



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Thanks for the response.

The software is open source (Home Assistant) and has a driver for the HG659, however it doesn't work for me.


Another way around what I'm looking to do is to use a different DHCP server on the network - however when I try to set that up, wifi devices are not getting a DHCP assigned address from the new DHCP server (after disabling the router).


Do you know if it is possible on the router to use an external DHCP server?


Many thanks


Hi @tallmantim,

Can we ask what is it that you want to do with your network?

The driver for the Home Assistant may not work as we optimized the supplied router's firmware for exclusive use with TPG.


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Trying to monitor "presence" with mobile phones on the LAN.

I can set up a ping for each, however an integration with the dhcp server would make it easier.

Hi @tallmantim,


Thanks for the confirmation @tallmantim

Have you tried to turn on the DHCP mode of the modem/router to see if it will allows you to use a different DHCP server.


Let us know how it will go. Cheers!