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I just don't think its fair

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So I went on a one week business trip and shortly after I had landed my wife texted me that the broadband was not working ... she turned it off and on, but it didn't help. On top of that she was nearing her data limit for the month. I called TPG the day after and the supporter did a check and concluded that the router had lost the username and password and therefore could not logon the TPG network. The supporter asked for the contact details for my wife to trouble shoot, but I told her that it would probably not end in anything else than frustration from my wifes side as routers and stuff is my job. So I topped up to cover excess data so we could still keep in touch while I was away.


So 6 days went and $90 in excess data on my wifes mobile plan ... also with TPG. Thats ok, no problem. Afterall, it was our router that had stuffed up. So I got back logged in, only to find that the router had the username and password in there just fine. The day after I called again and the supporter immediately concluded that it was a Telstra issue, the day after it was fixed and it all worked again.


I called TPG to hear about the possibility to cross out the $90. Afterall, it was the wrong conclusion the supporter did initially and the $90 is afterall in the same company. I was told I would recieve an SMS with the conclusion to that, but I should not put my hopes up high. I'm still waiting for the SMS.


I dont care about the $90. Things should be fair and I just don't think thats the case here.





Hi @franz1089,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We would like to extend to you our sincere apologies regarding the recent issues with your service.


We've reviewed the notes and seen that when you first contact our Tech team, the network fault was not detected as they can see a sync on your modem, but with a wrong account details. On your second call to us, the sync of the modem was totally gone in which the network fault was already showing in our test. Thinking about it, it seems that the fault has affected the initial findings.


It is possible that there was a wrong jumper on the Telstra network in which they may have disconnected your line and connected a different one which reflects the wrong account details that our team detected. They may have corrected the service of the other account, but was not able to rectify yours at the same time that's why we were able to detect on the second call that your line was disconnected.


If our tech team was given a chance to troubleshoot with your wife, they may have found out about the issue sooner, which should have prevented you from adding a mobile data.


I can see that your connection is now up and running and an adjustment has been made on your account for the downtime.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,