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Incredibly slow speed and frequent dropouts

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My family has used TPG for a long time, and my dad has made many calls to TPG about our speeds which are not as advertised and recently have also been dropping out every few minutes. This usually results in fixed speeds for a day or two and then it returns to normal subpar internet.


I am really sick of this cycle and I would like to ask TPG to finally respect us as customers and give us what we pay for. It is NOT reasonable to be expecting customers to contact your company for fixes.


Attached is an example of a typical speed / dropout frequency. Note that this is not just in times of high internet traffic - it is DAILY.


If there is any final solution that TPG can provide to resolve these issues that would be much appreciated, but otherwise my family is going to look for a different ISP.




@levigoessling My apologies for the constant inconvinience regarding your internet connection.


Please see the latest announcement on the community article below regarding our support teams.


The articles and links below may help with the issue you are encountering


If the issue persist please provide us with more information to the problem such as the type of internet service you have, the speed you are currently getting and if you are connected wirelessly or through ethernet cable.


Kind regards,

Joseph D