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Internet / NBN Down - Difficult to Reach TPG (New customer )

Level 2

New subscriber to TPG (15 days)

Internet Down

Trouble shooted by Restarting both Modem (Internet Light is red) and NTU (D1 light is Amber, Power and Optiocal Green and stable  )

Took 30+ minutes to reach some one over the phone .

Tried Customer Service through Phone , executive says can't verify my account even through providing my 7 digit account number, registered phone number, DOB and other details . Can hear Chicken /** making sound at the background at Customer Service Representatives end. .

Previously called for NBN upgrade 10 days back and had no issues with verificatio  .

Asked for another representatives or supervisor , said they are not available after keeping me hold for another 2 minutes and informed no one available .

Promised someone will call me back in 30 minutes., waiting patiently.

Level 2

NBN website says no outage but found outage details while doing my own research here , surprising


Lonsdale (SA) customers


Hi @gopalkrishna05,


We're also keen on checking out the service status in your area. Please send us a private message and we'll pull up your account. 



Level 7

BTW, re chicken, many Manilla help staff work from home. In a chat I had about my internal network a while ago, the very helpful lady was accompanied by a dog who occasionally added to the discussion...