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Internet dropping out 6022

Level 2
Hey I am in hamersley WA been with TPG across 3 different properties and never had any connection issues that didn’t show up on the outage page but the internet has started dropping out more and more over the last week reset used to fix it but the time between resets has got shorter and shorter until today when it no longer worked at all submitted a fault and tried to use the online chat but couldn’t get through to anyone. My wife and myself are both working from home at the moment and no internet connection would cause major issues for work also only have internet reliant television services connected so cannot even watch tv without it

Hi Pzappavigna,


I am reviewing your account, do you have those drop outs everyday or an specific timeframe.


-First have you check the power adaptor is 12Vdc 2A for your TPG modem, other values may cause drops.

-Are you able to factory reset the modem (pressing the pinhole for 10 secs).



Please let me know PM how is it going .