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Internet light flashing on modem / no internet

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My internet stopped working and I noticed the Internet light on the modem is flashing.

Any tips for troubleshooting? I couldn't see any outage at

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Thanks for reaching out to us. Which plan are you currently on, ADSL2+ or NBN? 

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NBN (Cable / HFC)


Hi @wilcrunk



Try to power cycle your modem and observe if you can connect to the Internet. If not, please check the light status and behavior of the Arris box and the modem.

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Hi Abby, no change.

Internet and WLAN lights on the modem are flashing.

The arris device is the NBN NTD black box? All lights on this device are solid.


What could the issue be?


Hi @wilcrunk


That's right, the black box is your Arris device. Since all the lights on your devices indicate good connectivity, this is possibly a browsing issue only. Are you connected via wireless? Do you have a computer connected thru ethernet? 

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Hi, the problem was occurring whether connected to wireless or wired/ethernet.


I rang Tech Support and resolved the issue. I needed to do a hard reset (factory reset) of the modem  by pushing a pin into the small hole at the back of the modem. 

When I did this hard reset, I needed to re set up my wifi name and password

- I checked the label on the back of the modem for my default wifi SSID name and password

- I reconnected to the wifi on my phone using that default wifi SSID name and password

- I visited on my phone while connected to wifi to access the modem configuration

- I entered username admin and password admin

- I clicked Start Wizard and changed the wifi name and password back to what I had before

- Tech Support said if I need to do this again I can followed Step 3 CONFIGURING MODEM using the modem guide at