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Internet not connecting / re installed modem


@ashleeryoo . Control panel? Yes.

Use following ip address:

subnet mask:

default gateway:




You should try to disable the wifi adapter in windows to ensure the ethernet adapter is used. 


Re the SSID, does your mobile phone show the same SSID as what is on the router? Could it connect before?

The manual refers to a security card that had the wifi details.

Login to router is supposed to be admin and admin.


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Hi @david64 , thankfully from your help and the TPG's help, it was my mobile data that was interrupting it (I think) - I can connect to the wifi now Smiley Happy! hurray!

But now there's another problem - on my mobile device it says that the wifi is connected without internet. 
The internet works but is VERY VERY SLOW.. My laptop loads the "DNS address coult not be found" and then 10 seconds later it will load the page. 

Should I switch off the modem and switch it back on?
Kind of scared to touch that modem again....@_@


@ashleeryoo . What did TPG suggest to do?

Did you resolve the business of the ip address in the browser?

If the router is now back to its proper address, you need to put the laptop network adapter back to normal.

Turning the router off/on or rebooting will still only use whatever settings have been saved. If you reset, you have to put all settings back in.


Regarding speed, what type of NBN connection do you have? It is better to investigate speed problems using an ethernet computer, not wifi.

Has the speed been ok in the past? Has it just gone down recently?


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TPG suggested me to do everything as normal (what you told me to do) press reset router 10 seconds > type in > didn't work? try again using other device > then they gave me the security key number so that I can do it wirelessly > tried but still didn't work > TPG told me to make sure my mobile data is turned off (I think they said it at the beginning but I couldn't hear the sound properly) and then the link directed me to the proper site! *didn't know by turning off my phone mobile data will fix the problem!

After that, the internet worked but the web page said DNS not responding > 5 seconds later > Internet not available > 10 seconds later > website loads successfully.
Since it kept saying "DNS not responding" before being able to fully load, I searched Youtube and followed a guide > put in a DNS number manually.

The method does seem to work however, the wifi is still switching on and off..
I was confused if it's my new laptop's problem (got the laptop yesterday) so I tried with my other devices but they took a looooooong time to load as well.

Right now, it still takes time to fully load a web page but it doesn't mention anything about DNS.
Just hoping the speed gets back to normal soon...Maybe it's the weather? I don't know..Smiley Frustrated
I have NBN FTTP.

I bought a wifi range extender today and the range extender is working pretty well - other devices connected to the extender is working okay. (better than when not connected to the extender)

I don't know if this connection problem is just something that'll happen one day and go away the next day, because I experienced something similar a few months ago (internet will be terribly slow and keep disconnecting) but worked normally after a day or two.

+ I didn't change the ip address manually because I was worried I might do something wrong - but I think if I followed your first few steps with my mobile data off, it would've worked Smiley Very Happy!

Thank you so much @david64  for helping me today, you really gave me HOPE throughout the day that I'll be able to fix this problem - if you want to know more about how I 'fixed' this then please ask me more!


@ashleeryoo .

There may have been some odd interaction between the wifi on your phone, laptop and router. You may need to be careful about how wifi is used on these devices.
The wifi from the router has a limited range. You can use your phone to check relative strength from your router and surrounding networks. If you are on FTTP, the NBN box might be in an inconvenient spot. You can use a longer ethernet cable from the NBN box to the router to put it in a better position. Use CAT 6 cable.
The Netcomm only has a 2.4G network. Depending on number of users and activity, you can run out of capacity. Newer routers include a 5G network with higher throughput but less range. If the wifi is switching on and off, it could be interference or distance is at limit of wifi range.
These articles might help with wifi coverage.


Weather shouldn't be an issue for FTTP.
Some things you can do to test the speed. Turn off the wifi on your laptop so only the ethernet connection is used.
Open a command window.
ping -n 20
This gives response time to the router. Responses should be 1 ms or less.
ping -n 20
This gives response time to Responses should be under 10 ms.
ping -n 20
ping -n 20
These are TPG's 2 DNS servers. Responses should be under 10 ms. I have no problems with TPG's DNS servers. Some people prefer to use Google- and These are set in the router.

Try the speed test on TPG's support page. What NBN speed plan are you on?
Disconnect the ethernet and turn on the wifi. Do these same tests at different distances from the router. Wifi response times will be a bit longer and speed will be less.