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Internet speed very slow

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For the past 3 days i am getting ridiculously slow internet speed. The last speed test i performed was 0.54mbps download and 0.06mbps upload. I have got no more than 1.24mpbs upload in the last 3 days. about a fortnight ago i was having issues with the Internet dropping out consistantly, now im having issues with the speed. Its making the service completely unusable.


I have tried restarting the router, plugging the ethernet cable directly into my laptop and switching off all internet using devices, but still no improvement. Could this please be looked into ASAP


Hi @Joshobrien1991 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We've tested the line and was not able to detect any fault within the copper network.


We've refreshed your connection remotely and it appears that the speed is back to normal with 13.79 Mbps Downstream and 1.02 Mbps Upstream.


Check your connection speed again and let us know how it goes.