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Issues with data usage since switching to nbn

Level 2
Since switching to nbn, I suddenly have used up my quota in 2.5 weeks & now the internet is stupidly slow.
I never had this problem with the ADSL that I've been on for years.
I was changed to an equivalent plan, same price, same data.
For years there was 2 ppl using internet on ADSL, never exceeded data, never had slowed internet. Ever.
Now, after changing to nbn bc I moved house, it has been only ONE person (me) using internet, & the same amount I always have, & suddenly after 2.5 weeks, data has been used up?!?!
This is not right! Something is wrong!! Its very frustrating! To never had had an issue in 5 years, to suddenly this.
I'm not going to be paying the same price, with same amount (or less bc there's only 1 person using it now) & be told half way though that limit has exceeded.
Something is very wrong here.

Hi @zoeebee83


Welcome to the Community!


Our server counts the data usage of our customers accurately.


We've managed to locate your account using your community details and reviewed your data usage, but did not detect any issue.

Your daily usage is the same as when you were with our TPG ADSL2+ service, it's just the data that is being counted when you were with our ADSL is just the Download as the Upload data is not included. This may be the issue, why your service wasn't throttled or you did not receive any warning that you've exceeded your data limit.


On our NBN service, we count both Download and Upload data which is why it feels like it is much faster to consume.


We've sent an Email with your data usage report for your reference.