Latency and loss

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What is the best method to use to check the Latency and Loss.  My speed always looks fine but the response is slow and interrupted to the point where a message pops up check your internet connection.


Hi @flacky . Is it an ethernet computer or wifi device getting slow response?

Is it a particular website with slow response or web browsing in general?

Easiest thing you can do straight away is use ping and tracert commands on your computer.

Ping gives response time and packets lost.

Ethernet connection will give best speed and more consistent view.

Do them during normal operation to get a baseline for comparison.


In ping command, increase -n value so command runs for sufficient time.

ping -n 20                      pings router; response time should be 1 ms


tracert -d                 shows devices between your router and TPG

(TPG has 2 addresses these days:   and; try them both)

note the address on line 2. It's your router's default gateway; a 10 address.


ping -n 20 10....                                pings default gateway; response time is several ms


ping -n 20  .......                                ping the two TPG addresses; response time several ms


ping -n 20  any website

tracert -d   any website                    show any delays on the way

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Thank you david64 - I'm working through this advice.

It is wifi devices.  My laptop and a tv where I watch sbs on demand.  I also noted recently my smartphone was seeing delays in accessing responses.  I'll keep trying to understand  - cheers and thanks



@flacky . Your response times to router are good. The time to TPG is a bit slow. What speed is your NBN plan and what type of NBN connection do you have? What speed does laptop get in speed test?

Do your devices get good signal strength on both bands in their usual position? Any other nearby networks?

What wifi connection speed do you get on laptop (speed between laptop and router)?

You can use the laptop to check the nearby wifi networks; signal strength and wifi channel.

netsh wlan show all


The 5G band has higher speed but less range than 2.4G.