Leaving TPG service

Level 2
Today I've decided to move back to Telstra even if the cost is slightly higher to opt for same speed of nbn. I've been struggling with TPG wifi modem only allows to connect two devices at a time, which caused me big problems during important meeting while working from home. I've called to technical support if they can replace it to new modem. What frustrates me is technical support's answer that only option i have will be paying 100 dollar to get nee modem but they will send to me SAME modem model (which caused trouble). Even if I receive new modem, there will be no guarantee that new modem might not be faulty and there is no ways to troubleshoot in remote (as they can just work outside my premises). so I've decided to move back to Telstra today, as literally they didn't give an option. but I am still wondering if you didn't have any warranty period for faulty modem, or way to fix faulty modem.
Level 15

Hi @brianjung541 . That's strange, only 2 devices.

What model is your router?

What type of NBN connection?

What is your plan speed?

When you say only 2 at a time, does that mean 2 ethernet and no wifi, or 2 wifi but no ethernet, or 1 of each?

What happens if you try to connect a third device?

Can you check the DHCP dynamic pool. This usually allows for 100 or more devices to be defined, although not necessarily connect at same time.