nbn upgrade

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Hello, i am just wondering about upgrading my nbn to a faster plan. I recently paid my bill, last week, for my current plan. The new plan says i will be charged in advance. Does that mean, the full months charge? Or just the difference? I am currently on the 100Mbps plan, $89. And the new plan is $95. Will i be charged $6 or 95? I also have my current plan set on my pay day, so i dont fall behind. Thanks for any help

Hi @Nemesis2k7


Should you wish to change plan, you will be charged for the new plan's fee. Please send us a private message and we'll bring up your account.



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@Ahra_G . I think the user wants to know if the new billing cycle will be same as old billing cycle, i.e. the charge will be made on pay day. Since the charge is made several days before the end of the period, when is the upgrade actually made? Does the upgrade take effect on the end day of the period, or, will it take effect at same random time based on the accounting team? If the upgrade is done before the end of the period, does the user get a refund for the unused part of the old plan?


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Thank you. Its exactly what i meant Smiley Happy i gave up bothering to upgrade. Just got the same pre scripted stuff they put on forums. If i upgrade, i'll go with different provider. Thank you for the help though

@Nemesis2k7 You will billed with the new plan fee on the day the new plan is activated. For NBN services, plan change usually takes 24-48 hours to complete. If you change your NBN plan mid-cycle, your billing cycle changes and any unused portion of your old plan will be credited to your account. 


Send us a PM with your details so we can help you with the plan upgrade and provide more info about your billing cycle.