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Limit of Personal Messages

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It gets worse. I am trying to communnicate with the support here via PM.
First I copied content from an email into the form, which resultet in an error that it would have an invalid HTML structure. !?!?!?
I tried to repeat it. Tried only a smaller part of the email, etc. after 5 attempts i was locked out with a message that I reached the limit of PM. Try later. ???!

Are you trying to block you users to get some support? I wasn't able to actually send a singe message today. (Well I tried 5 times, but none went through)

I really think after 10 happy years it is time to find another provider...


Hi @beyerstefan


Thanks for raising this with us.


We did receive your PM, but it is possible that your previous message includes something that triggered the system to disable it.


If you need any assistance, please let us know.