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Lost emails not on server

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My wife (her account is a slave of mine) checked her emails at 8pm Perth time last night. It took a while to connect and load 116 emails which she said there weren't that many the day before.


She then sent a reply to the latest email and then noticed the email client wasn't showing the sent email. I rebooted her computer and loaded her email client which came up normally but the last email that she replied to and her reply weren't there. I checked the TPG Post Office and the inbox was empty except for the message "No threads match the 6 month criteria".


Fortunately she had printed the missing email and her reply because it was a communication between her and a solicitor in UK regarding her mother's estate.


TPG system showed no faults.


All OK now (touch wood) but what happened and why?




Hi @Jaguar,


We are glad that the it is resolved.


We didn't receive any report that there's an issue with our Mail servers that may have caused the problem.


You might need to check if the email client has an updated version or run a full scan on the computer for possible malware or virus.




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Thanks for that Basil. I thought it might be a fault with my wife's email client because all of my emails for the last 45 days are still on the server. It still begs the question as to how email client software can delete server email history. For information I am using Windows 10 Mail and she is using OE Classic (an Outlook Express  replacement I installed when she updated from XP to Win7)

I will contact OE Classic about this but I am still concerned for the future about the integrity of emails on TPG Post Office server.

What are your thoughts?

Many thanks



Hi @Jaguar,


You may contact OE support or try a new email client.


We can't guarantee a fault free service through our post office servers, but will make sure to resolve any issues that we'll encounter as soon as possible.




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Hi Basil

I wasn't having a go at TPG Post Office just wondered how an email client could delete mail from the server. I have since looked further into OE Classic and it has a facility to remove mail from the server after being read and although this function was not selected, it might have just done it anyway. I have made enquiries with OE Classic about this.

Thanks for your help