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MR60 Nighthawk Mesh doesn't connect to internet?

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I recently purchased a Nighthawk MR60 Mesh network to replace the archer VR1600v due to it having poor range.


However, when I plug the MR60 into the NBN Arris CM8200B it doesn’t connect to the internet.

I have gone into the old archer VR1600v and copied the settings.


Does your Internet connection require a login? Yes

Internet Service Provider - PPPoE

Login -

Password - mypassword

Service Name (If Required)   (left this blank)

Connection Mode – Always on

Internet IP Address – get dynamically from ISP\

DNS address – get them automatically

Router MAC address – use default

I’ve set VLAN


I’ve tried enabling the VLAN / Bridge settings – adding VLAN ID 2


But still can’t get it to work.


I did manage to “kind of” get it to work if I connect the Nighthawk to the archer VR1600v… but it seems sometimes, devices wouldn’t connect, othertimes they would.. perhaps when I had a heap of devices connected to the nighthawk it stuffs something up??


Would greatly appreciate any help!!

Level 15

Hi @krangy  Do you have the cable from the Arris in the Internet port, not Ethernet port of the router unit?

This iiNet article describes setting VLAN ID=2 for the RAX80 but the menu system is similar to MR60.