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Modem restart

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We have had TPG for a couple of weeks now and at the start there was no problems. About 5 days ago it dropped out and we had to have an nbn technician come out. He had to do something out the front of the house and it works again, but now we have to restart the modem every couple of hours, especially after a download or watching a show on netflix. Does anyone know the problem and what the solution is?




Hi @pottomas


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I've used your Community details to locate your account. I can see that the issue is now being handled by our Engineering Team and they are awaiting feedback from NBN Co as we requested for a tech visit. Their team is still continuously monitoring the status of the connection and will be in touch the soonest an update becomes available. 


Apologies for the inconvenience. 






Good day, @pottomas


An appointment has been booked on 04 March 2019 between 8AM - 12PM and your attendance is required. Kindly confirm by replying to the SMS sent by our Engineering Team or let us know here so we can inform their team.