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Just bought a DSL-245GE and can't get internet connection. It says the cable is connected but red internet light is all I get. I have tried to match the settings of my vr1200.
I have looked at your guides and can't find what I might be doing wrong.
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Hi @Mctavish32 . What type of NBN connection do you have?

If FTTB/FTTN, telephone cable goes in DSL port. WAN Connection Type is XDSL. DSL Type is VDSL.


If FTTC/FTTP/HFC, ethernet cable goes in LAN/WAN port. WAN Connection Type is Ethernet.


Determine from your old router if it used VLAN ID 2 setting. Make the setting on this screen.

IPv4 settings are:

Connection: PPPoE

Protocol: IPv4

Username and password in same format as old router

Connection Type: PPPoELLC

NAT: Enable


You should download the user manual from D-Link website.

What is the state of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th indicator lights?


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Thanks David64,

It is working now.


It looks like it was the VLAN setting, from 0 to 2.


Or the username/password. My old modem gave me several different ones.