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Moving to The Messaging Company - TPG Post Office Access

Level 3

Just spoke to TPG about this move.  It is a DISASTER!  From November the TPG Post Office will not exist!  So you wont be able to check for SPAM.  The Messaging Company is supposed to give us a new "post office" for us to use but this is not mentioned in the TPG alert!  Also while TPG is paying for our subscription to the messaging company till November 2024 there is no mention about the cost that The Messaging Company will charge us.  My recommendation is - send a clear message to the idiots at TPG and find a new ISP who will provide a reliable service that includes an email service.

Level 2

yep alteady looking to change ive had enough of this rubbish so they will lose my 100 every month

Level 7

In contrast, at present I am very happy with TPG and I have opted in to TMC. All has gone smoothly so far.