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My outgoing emails are received as Spam by others

Level 1b
Level 1b

A lot of my emails land in my friends SPAM folder, even though I am in their contact list !

I suspect many emails I send to new Recipients share that fate , as often I do not receive answers.

I am still using Outlook 2002 as I am familiar with that, but doubt my email client has anything to do with this problem ! TPG is my provider, but I have mail accounts with Bigpond and Iprimus, and it seems I need to use the SMTP outgoing settings ( ) for these accounts as well ! Correct me if I am wrong about this !

Since I discovered this problem I add myself as cc to receipients , and many , but not all are then Marked 

[ SPAM ] when I receive them. ( Outlook 2002 does not have a Spam/Junk Folder , so I do receive them )


Anyone have a solution to this ?  Thanks in Advance !!






Hi @JEB,


Welcome to the Community!


One possible reason why email messages you send go to the Spam folder of the receiver is when your email address has been flagged as a spammer. To check if this is the case, try to send an email via webmail or the post office for your email account to see if you'll get the same result.




Level 1b
Level 1b

Thanks Will !

I have run a dozen tests this morning and have inconsistent results :

1) Sending from TPG Web to my own TPG account the mail landed in the Spam folder !

     Repeating this a couple of hours later, it went to the Spam folder again

2) Sending from TPG Web to my iprimus & Telstra Bigpond account mail was not marked as Spam

3) Sending from my Outlook 2002 iprimus and Telstra some mail arrived marked as Spam on the Web

    (Re: [SPAM] Bigpond to TPG test on web )  but did not go to the Spam folder !

So I am no smarter ( remember SMPT on all accounts is TPG )


How does an email address become marked as a Spammer in the 1st place ?


Also to that part of my question : Is it possible to use SMPT settings Telstra & Iprimus when TPG is my service provider ?

Thanks again 


Hi @JEB,


I'm not sure if I just missed what you meant earlier, but are you having trouble with a TPG email address or from a non-TPG email address/es (Bigpond and IPrimus accounts)?


If it's a non-TPG email account that you're having trouble with, kindly do the test on webmail provided by Bigpond or iPrimus.


Technically, you should be using the SMTP settings of the email provider. In the event that you're unable to get it to work, then as an alternative option, we advise you to use our SMTP settings instead.