NAT type

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When I first got my 5g home broadband the NAT type was testing as NAT type 1 every single time, and my average in game ping was 17-32ms. It's only been recently that my NAT has been restricted and it's impossible to play anything. Ive read some of the other posts about it but it's not making sense, if you use CG-NAT how was I obtaining NAT type 1 in the first place?
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Hi @JMB1 . When you first got 5G, what method did you use to determine you were NAT type 1?

What happens now?


TPG say that 5G doesn't stop your gaming but it might make latency too high for some people.

CG-NAT does stop you from hosting a game server because people cannot login to your system from the internet.


Can you recall how long you had the 5G with NAT type 1 before it changed to restricted?

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I had NAT type 1 from when the service started right up until a couple of weeks ago so I'd say 4 or 5 months.
I've been using websites and the consoles built in connection checker to determine it was NAT type 1.
It hasn't stopped me from gaming entirely but finding matches takes super long, and as you mentioned latency is crazy high, I get ping into the 1000ms range sometimes. Before it was smooth sailing, I'd find matches super fast, and my average latency/ping was 17-32ms.
Download speeds and streaming are normal though.