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NBN 100 unlimited - please unbundle phone calls and make it $90

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Most other providers are giving NBN100 unlimited for $90. TPG is forcing to use bundled plan for $100 as it is not offereing unbundled $90 plan. Many of us don't use landline at all and I just have to pay extra $10 for nothing. Please introduce unbundled plan otherwise I will have no option to port out. I love TPG and have been long term customer. It will be sad to port out just because you won't offer a plan that is offered by most service providers.

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Wondering what provider you are looking at @tps1212?


I recently read this TPG thread which thas some interesting info about actual NBN costs for the providers After reading that I guess I think well how can these other providers sell it for so low. Something has to give on the quality side surely. When I looked at 100Mbps NBN providers I looked at companies like Dodo, Exetel, MyRepublic too. But I'm just not sure how their service can be good, how well can they fix problems when they don't have their own infrastructure or network behind what they are selling. Don't they just piggyback on other provider's networks? I use my NBN for online gaming so the network quality is important to me. 


On the other hand, I definitely support you're suggestion for TPG to sell 100Mbps at $90 Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Level 3 according the link in prev reply NBNco charge the retailers $15 per 1Mbps. I assume this is monthly rental charge for 1mbps line.

So here is my calculation how much it comes per customer.

Assume a worst case scenarion customer consumes 1GB/month.

This comes to average mbps speed consumed by a customer = 1000x8/24x30x3600 = 0.003Mbps

That is about 324 customers sharing $15 so each customer about 4.6cents/month.

However if all customers are using net at ssame time it will be woeful speed of 0.003mbps.

Various provider will budget $10~$30 per customer per month for this. This amounts to peak capabilty about 200~650 times of average. However this will still result in very low peak. So the bandwidth needs to be really shared among a large customers at least 100K customers. Let us say say service provider budgets $15 per customer for 100K customers. This will buy 100000mbs. So out of 100K customers 1000 (1%) customers can consume max speed of 100mbs any more customers will reduce speed. You only consume full speed while downloading data from a fast server. Any multiple video streaming will hardily consume above 50mbps.

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TPG's NBN plans got recently updated.


There's now a $89.99 Unlimited Data Superfast nbn(100) 50Mbps typical evening speed with Pay As You Go Phone Line plan.


Head over to for an overview of our NBN service features and plan offers.


Use our plan selector to customise your service and view the Critical Information Summary.

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My current NBN100 plan doesn not have wording "50Mbps evening speed" and I do get higher speed now.

If I change to new NBN100 plan will it cause reduction to my evening speed to 50Mbps.